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It's Baby Season!
September 3 2010
To everything there is a season, and babies are no exception. Did you know that most babies are born during the months of August and September? Must have something to do with those cold winter nights nine months earlier.

And what do all of these new little lives need, other than gobs of love and affection? Babies require lots of stuff! And while there's no shortage of products available to help feed, clothe, bathe, educate and entertain them, there are certain trends that have emerged that you may want to keep in mind when shopping for a wee one, and his or her parents.

Today's new Mommies and Daddies are of the Y Generation. They're casual, savvy, and on-the-go, and so are their kids. They're searching for eco-friendly products that are organic, lead-free, or low-impact. Safety and multi-functionality must be present. Customized or personalized items reign supreme, and new color trends like chocolate brown and sage green have replaced pastel pinks and blues.

Showering each new bundle of life with gifts of any kind is always fun, but don't forget the parents! Baby showers are increasingly held for couples, and it's expected that dad be present. New mom's love a little pampering. Spa certificates and delivered meals are always a hit with her. Dear old dad - who's becoming increasingly more involved in child-rearing - would probably love a “manly” diaper bag or baby carrier that's made specifically for men.

But ultimately, it's not the gift that means the most; rather it's that sweet smelling soul being celebrated. Seasons are a funny thing. Some people prefer Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. But baby season - in all of its glory - might possibly be the nicest season of all.

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