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Football Fever!!
September 6 2010
Huddle up! It's August - and for the die-hard football fan that means only one thing - football season has begun!

Enter NFL training camps and pre-season games, NCAA 2-a-days, and high school players sweating out practices in the summer heat. The exalted first game is fast approaching, and whether you're a sideline supporter or a big screen booster, for those who pine for the pigskin, it's time to dress out, suit up, set up and prep! Tailgaters have to tackle their supply lists. Spectators need to score their spirit wear. Players need to start pumping some iron.

If just the thought of helmets clashing and the image of astro-turf makes you clutch your hand to your heart and stagger slightly, you know you've entered into the early stages of delay-of-game delirium.

How to know if you've crossed the line from fan to fanatic? Here's a few dead giveaways:

#1: You make your kids sing the team fight song for their supper.

#2: Your rival teamís mascot is tied spread-eagle onto your car grill.

#3: You forget your wife's birthday, but know the stats of every player from the last four years.

#4: Your team logo is mowed into your front yard.

#5. You've seriously considered quitting your job and becoming the team mascot.

FindGift.com can not only help you find just what you need to get ready for these days of glory, but the online service never fails to provide unique and creative gift ideas that make gift giving for the fan in your life fun and easy.

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