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Your Bedroom Floor Plan
September 13 2006
Your furniture needs more room than the actual square footage it takes up in your floor plan. Your bed will need at least two feet on either side for convenient bedmaking. Your dressers and closets need at least three feet in front to allow you to pull out the drawers or open the door without stepping aside. Keep traffic flow in mind when placing the bed. Don't place it so close to the room's entry door that you have to walk around it several times a day. Allow easy walking space to the closet and bathrooms.

Keep in mind the scale of your furniture. Your pieces may take up more visual space than its actual dimensions. Darker woods and colors will take up more visual space than lighter colors. Airy, metal headboards will look smaller than solid wooden ones. If your bedroom is small, you may find it claustrophobic if your walls are dark and your furniture is mahogany. Try starting with a lighter background color for the walls and add dark accents for a richer look.

Rule of thumb for bedside tables is that the height should be at least as tall as the top of the mattress. Too low, and your lamps won't shed light on your book when you're reading in bed. Even today's standard nightstands may be too low for some beds.
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