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Five Fun Ways To Get Physical
July 7 2010
Who says you have to play sports to have fun and be fit? There are lots of great ways to put more action in your life. Being active helps you build strong bones and muscles. It also helps you look and feel your best. And it helps give you more energy to do other things.

Pick and choose some of these fun ways to get fit. Or think of your own ways to get moving. Your body will thank you!

1. Use your feet. Your feet were made for walking, so use them every chance you get. Walk to a friend's house, to the store, around the mall or wherever it's safe to walk. While you're at it, walk your dog. Or offer to walk your neighbor's dog.

2. Move to the beat. Turn up the music and dance! Dance with your friends or on your own. And who says you can't do two things at once? Dance while you talk on the phone. Dance while you watch TV. You can even dance while you clean your room!

3. Roll around town. Make your muscles do the work on your bike, skates or scooter as you enjoy the cool breeze. Don't forget to wear the gear: a helmet, and knee, wrist and elbow pads for skating.

4. Get your friends moving. Gather a few friends to shoot hoops, kick around a soccer ball, play street hockey or throw around a football or baseball. You don't need to be on a team to enjoy sports. Check out the rec center in your neighborhood for open gym times and other fun activities like tennis, swimming or dance classes.

5. Be a buddy. Stuck babysitting or playing with younger brothers or sisters? Make it play time. Young kids love games like hopscotch, tag, hide-and-seek, Hula-Hoops, jump rope, squirt guns, T-ball, kickball or flying a kite–especially when they're doing it with a 'cool' older friend like you.
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