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Tips for Valentine's Day Gift Giving
January 19 2012
Valentine's Day is the holiday to express your love but you want to make sure you do it right. Giving the wrong gift for this holiday could have tragic results. Below are a few simple tips for all the men who will be shopping for a Valentine's Day gift.

DO.....give a gift.
Don't think that passing on this holiday is acceptable.

DO.....plan ahead.
Shop now for gift ideas so that you're not forced to get flowers from the grocery store.

DO.....put thought into the gift.
Think about your relationship and the message you want to send with the gift.

DO.....be yourself.
Stay true to your character. If your not the mushy type don't send a mushy gift. There are many gift ideas for this holiday so you should be able to find one that suits your gifting style.

DON'T.....give a practical gift. Even though you know she wants that new blender, Valentine's Day is not the holiday to give it.

DON'T.....embarrass your loved one. Give extra thought to humorous gifts, clothing or lingerie. If they don't find the humor in the gift or the size isn't right it could be humiliating for the both of you.

DON'T.....give flowers in the plastic sheath. Nothing says “Ran to the grocery store and picked you up a little something!” more than that. If you didn't follow any of the DO's above and you must purchase flowers from the grocery store, at least put them in a vase.

DON'T.....give excessive gifts of chocolate. You don't want to ruin her diet.

Just remember, a gift given from the heart will be cherished forever.

For Valentine's Day gift ideas visit, www.findgift.com/Services/Connecting-Neighbors/
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