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Fitness Starts by Challenging Your Body
February 1 2012
(ARA) - Now is the time to renew your fitness resolution and get your body in shape for summer. How about challenging yourself to lose weight and tone up?

Whether you’ve never exercised before or just haven’t found a program that is right for you, at Bally Total Fitness(R) you'll find an exercise program that will match your lifestyle and goals, and most importantly, help you achieve success.  Whether you want to lose weight or just tone up Bally Total Fitness offers programs that will provide the support, guidance, and motivation you need to help you stick to your plan and see results.

Enjoy the benefits of Personal Training.
Bally(SM) Personal Trainers are experts at creating an individualized program tailored to your specific needs and goals that will help you develop proper exercise habits and achieve sustainable results.  Every workout is dynamic and interactive so that you’ll get the maximum benefit from your exercise program.  Not only will you see and feel results faster, Bally will help you stay motivated along the way with new ways to diversify and freshen up your workout routine.

Get moving with Group Exercise.
Bally offers a variety of innovative, fun and effective Group Exercise classes suitable for beginners and more advanced participants alike - each class includes at least one of the 3 essential components of fitness:

Cardiovascular & Weight Loss Fitness Classes to help you:

* Burn more calories and fat

* Boost your metabolism

* Improve your endurance

Toning & Strength Training Fitness Classes to help you:

* Reduce  body fat

* Develop and enhances  muscle tone

* Increase  muscular strength

* Improve muscular endurance

Yoga and Pilates Fitness Classes to help you:

* Improve flexibility

* Develop muscle tone and definition

* Improve strength

* Enhance coordination

* Learn breathing techniques for relaxation

* Reduce stress

* Prevent injuries

There are so many Group Exercises classes to try for a new and exciting way to get totally fit, with so many benefits to help you:

* Work out longer and more consistently with a professional instructor leading the way.

* Make fitness fun by learning new exercises and techniques.

* Stay motivated by working out with other people.

* Bring structure and discipline to achieve your goals with a set class schedule.

* Meet new people and make new friends!

Remember, the best exercises are the ones you enjoy, since you are likely to do those most often – so plan on doing what you like and having fun doing it!
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