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October 21, 2014
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Fun Fall Activities for the Whole Family!

August 1, 2013

Ah, fall is in the air. Can't you just feel it? The air is getting cooler and the leaves are changing color.

Fall is a great time to do fun stuff outdoors with your family—especially before winter sets in and everyone wants to hibernate!

Here are some fun fall activities to try:

Collect leaves. See if you can identify them.

Pick pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch. Carve them when you get home.

Rake the leaves in your yard. Make a pile of leaves and take turns jumping into it—just be careful that you are not jumping off anything that's high off the ground.

Go on a guided nature hike at a local park or nature center.

Take your own a hike at a local park (with friends or family). What changes do you notice in the plants and trees as fall sets in? What animals do you see? What are they doing?

Help your parents, grandparents or a neighbor put their vegetable garden to bed for the winter.

Go to a farmers' market and pick out fall produce like squash, pumpkin, apples and corn. See what yummy recipes you can make using the produce you picked out!

Pick apples at a 'pick-your-own' orchard and make applesauce, apple crisp or apple pie.

Play touch football with a group of friends or family.

Ask your parents to contact your local department of parks and recreation to find out what fall activities they offer.

Now come up with some fun fall ideas of your own! Get out and play!!! is a healthy eating and active living website for kids and families. combines food, fitness, fun, feelings and family dynamics, all rolled up into an interactive and educational site. The website provides a non-commercial internet resource geared toward kids ages 9 – 12 and their parents. In addition to providing great games and information to keep kids active and learn to eat healthier, also has a special section just for parents, packed with information for every parent with any question on nutrition or physical activity.

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