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Weekly Quick & Easy Tips #2

How can I peal tomatoes and carrots easier?

Put them into some boiling water for a few seconds. Take them out and peal the tomatoes using your hands, and use a kitchen rag for the carrots.

How can I get my roasted chicken to turn more of a golden color?

Before putting it in the oven, spread lemon juice over the entire thing.

How can I better preserve my lettuce?

Use a plastic knife instead of an ordinary metal knife when cutting the lettuce. The metal tends to make the edges brown quicker.

How can I keep my tea fresh longer?

Store tea in a dry place, out of the daylight, and in a hermetic container.

How can I keep my apple and banana slices from turning brown?

Brush the slices with lemon juice

Be sure to come back soon, as these are updated often!

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