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Crime Prevention- Security Check List

q Install quality locks on doors and windows.
q Keep your keys safe, avoiding the possibility of someone making a copy.
q Keep your TV or lights on in your house when you are gone. Have someone get your mail and newspapers.
q If you install lights with automatic timers, stagger the times they come on and off.
q Do not make a message on the answering machine declaring that you will be out of town. Nor should you tell strangers that you will be out of town.
q Have your house checked up on occasionally if you plan to be away for a while. You may want to consider a neighbor or a friend.
q Keep an up-to-date inventory on all your possessions. Insure your valuables.
q Record the serial numbers, or other identifying marks, on your possessions to help police recover them if they are stolen.
q Keep your valuables in a safe deposit box.
q Install a security system that can be monitored.

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