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Fragrant Flowers
Enjoy a fragrant garden all year long

Preparing your Garden for Winter Tips for a Safe Winter and a Happy Spring
When autumn nights start to get cold, itís time to prepare your garden for winter. Winterizing not only makes your garden look better during the cold weather months, but will make for easier work in the spring and will protect less hardy plants from the cold.

Fall Planting: Things to do in the fall for a beautiful garden
While the industry and many experts have touted fall as an exceptional time for planting, many of you out there remain unconvinced. I am not talking about waiting until after the last of the turkey is consumed at Thanksgiving dinner to plant your entire garden bed for next year, but certain plants do very well (actually better) planted in fall, so letís find out what garden planting can be done now to avoid clogging the planting schedule in spring and to establish your new plant BEFORE growing season begins.

Planning and Planting a Successful Vegetable Garden
Nothing tastes better than vegetables picked fresh from your own garden. Thereís a certain satisfaction to serving and eating food that you yourself have grown and harvested. Although they typically demand a good bit of space, vegetables can even be grown in window boxes. Everyone, then, can experience the many joys of the kitchen garden.

You Too Can Grow an Italian Herb Garden
Italy is said to have some of the best cuisine in the world and, at the heart of that cuisine are their famous herbs. Growing your own organic Italian herb garden is sure to be rewarding and delicious.

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